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Emergency Requests
Pam - February 8
Please pray for Pam Owenby. She went in for a procedure to have her lymph-nodes removed yesterday due to a "hot spot" showing on her most recent test. When they went in, they found an aggressive tumor with "fingers" that had almost spread from behind the ear to just below the brain stem. Doctors removed what they could. Family is shocked and waiting biopsy results. Please pray for peace and comfort as they wait for results and strength and comfort once they receive test results/next steps.
Mary - February 4
An oversupply of fluoride and a water main break in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has resulted in a declared emergency. Without safe drinking water, restaurants, a state university and other schools may be closed until Sunday, officials estimate.
Anonymous - January 29
Friend with health issues. She is having surgery Wed. Possible cancer. Friend has 3 kids - one is baby. Pray for her & husband.
Tony - January 29
Tony Partida is a retired Huntsville Police officer. He's still a Calhoun Police officer. His surgery is coming up Monday, 30-Jan. at 12:30 p.m. to replace a bad heart valve.
Cuiping - January 29
Good medical test results from surgeon tomorrow - 9:00 a.m.
Praise Reports!
Jude - February 4
Jude is doing well; his burns should heal with minimal scarring! Praise God! Please continue to pray for complete healing, and relief from any guilt his mom may feel, though it was an accident.
James - January 27
Thank you for your prayers! The Lord has shown His favor to James Johnson. J.J. was facing 25 years and the judge was merciful. He received 7 months in the county jail in lieu of prison time, he will be made a trustee during his stay and he was given a month to get his affairs in order before he needs to turn himself in. He would like to receive letters, prayers and bible study materials while he's away at 107 West 4th Street, Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Patti - January 26
My brother Richard is in a coma from a fall. Please pray hard! He just came back to church after 40 years. Praise God!
Brenda - January 26
May the true God Almighty Jehovah Sovereignty be up-held, his kingdom come & that every tongue, nation of people may come to know him, his son Christ Jesus to gain everlasting life.
Anonymous - January 24
Please pray for my brother who has turned to drinking. May he hear the words from our Lord, and be healed. Thank you. Update: After first request for prayer, he has drank less!! Praise Jesus and thank you for prayers.
New Requests
Anonymous - February 6
"Please pray for healing of a fractured family."
Anonymous - February 6
"Continued prayers for my daughter, Kristen, grandson, Anthony, and unborn granddaughter. Health, wisdom, & safety." Prayers for guidance and faith for my sons, Trey & Blake. Prayers for my elderly father, Bill Porter."
Anonymous - February 6
Pray for our President.
Anonymous - February 6
"The Liberty & JC cheer team will be traveling to Orlando this week to participate in cheer competition (Nationals). Please pray for safety in travel, while the girls are there and for confidence while performing."
Jane - January 29
Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Will have port placement and begin chemo treatments in early Feb.
Beth - January 29
Prayers for my daughter, Kristen. Pray for health & wisdom. Needs urgent dental care but expecting a baby in March. Hope to get her to UAB asap. Pray for health, safety & well being for my grandson, Anthony, and unborn grand-daughter. Pray for guidance for my sons, Blake & Trey.
Anonymous - January 29
My friend's 22 y/o hdied unexpectedly while at college.
On-Going Requests
Anonymous - December 27
Getting ready to have a baby in February..Need help with newborn baby items such as: Carseat and stroller set Newborn diapers, size 1 etc Wipes Dreft detergent Anything will help as far as newborn goes.. Thanks and god bless
Anonymous - December 15
A family of seven do not lose their home, as the continue to follow the financial path in which was set forth by the Lord. Allow the children to have Christmas this year (as this year has been an extreme stress to the parents, who have lost one of their vehicles. Please pray for a job assistance for the husband. Prayers for the mental stability for for the family as these issues have strained the family.

Prayer is a personal priority for many of us and we could not go on without it. Here are a number of ways that we make prayer a priority:

o        We host an on-site prayer room where people pray.

We provide an online prayer Web site where thousands of prayer requests have been submitted and prayed for by intercessors.

Prayer groups regularly pray for the church, community and world.

Dozens of folks knit prayer shawls that are given to persons in crisis.

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