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Praise Reports!
Angela - September 29
You prayed for my son, Robert Hamer and husband Rodney Glass - Both were released from jail and living for God! Praying for financial relief, please pray also for friend Sandra Tripp & Danielle Hone.
Sandra - September 29
I thanked God for your wonderful cards acknowledging that you actually read my prayer request & prayed for me. Y'all brightened my life! :) I'm 54 years old & that's the 1st time that has happened. Y'all are amazing! Thank you. Now Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite Bible verse.
Anonymous - September 26
This is an update on my recent prayer request for Talon Davis. A recent test showed no sign of cancer and she has been cleared for 2 years. Please continue to pray that she will be healed in regard to the endometriosis. Thank you!
Anonymous - September 10
Received an Update from Judy Porter on Tony: Tony did very well during the surgery. The doctors were able to repair the two holes in his lung. They found a third one but couldn't reach it. Their hoping that medication will close it up as it is small. However, with the MD he has many issues. He has a fantastic outlook and a great faith in GOD. The family appreciates all the prayers on Tony's behalf.
Dennis - August 25
Dennis has found an answer to prayer. He will have his teeth pulled at the free clinic and some members of Asbury have agreed to pay for dentures. Thank you, Jesus, for your engaging love and for the ability to serve one another!
New Requests
Anonymous - September 29
Update (not urgent; replaces 9/25 submittal) Edwin Leon Jr., son of Asbury's Mission Partner in Belize, did not pass his 9/25 Certified Nursing Assistant exam. He plans to retake the test in two weeks. He has to pass it before he can qualify for a job in nursing or at a hospital. Please pray that he passes the exam on his next attempt, and that he then finds a related job within 30 miles of Cleveland, TN. He has until the end of October 2017 to retain his immigration status. The earlier erroneous report that he was about to have his visa revoked was for his dad.
Jennifer - September 29
I have a warrant and I'm trying to get it taken care of but nobody will tell me how much my bond is and I'm praying God's will over everything and His peace.
Lacey - September 29
Put a hedge of protection around my family. Give me strength. Need a better prayer life. My health.
Donald - September 29
My anxiety and depression has increased the past few weeks. My depression is chronic. New challenges have come way and direction.
Chrissy - September 29
I need prayer for my health and prayer for finding a job. Prayer for strength, courage, and wisdom for everyday life, but I need healing more than ever right now. And pray for my children and my boyfriend and his children.
Kenya - September 29
Pray for my 1 year journey, my family, my friends, my children, Timothy and his family, reconciliation of relationships that are broken, my walk with God, a Godly man to share my life with.
Traci - September 29
Please pray that God will guide me in the right direction on either moving forward with this divorce or be still. Cause he is working on him to surrender and want to live thru Jesus.
Connie - September 29
Please pray for my parents & kids salvation & grand kids salvation. My grandchildren are 9 - (5 of them are 9 year old girls) set of triplets confused about God because Mom is not a believer and 3 boys & one on the way! Salvation needed in parents, my 2 daughters, grandkids, ex-husband, son-in-law & reconciliation with my 2 sisters & both daughters boyfriends need salvation. Thank you.
Sarah - September 29
Please pray for my kids and myself about housing and my job that the promotion works out and I'm able to go back to school. Also pray my children make positive choices and behave! Thanks so much!
Kristen - September 29
Please pray for my daughter, my grandson, Anthony, and her unborn child. Kristen has aspergers. She lives with her fiance in poor conditions. She desperately needs dental care due to severely decayed teeth. Anthony was born with erb's palsey in his left arm. While he has improved greatly, he needs additional therapy which he's not receiving. He has also had a lot of intestinal problems lately. Pray for healing, well being, safety and protection. Pray that I may help and guide her.
Anonymous - September 28
I'm making a little progress every day. Finally got some good rest last night and today. Please continue to pray for healing and strength! God has been so good and has provided such support from my Asbury family! - Barb Tonn
Anonymous - September 28
Pray for the erratic weather patterns in our nation, from fires in drought ridden areas, farmers here in Alabama needing rain so wheat will grow for the cattle, and other states experiencing flooding. Thanks!
Anonymous - September 28
Please pray for the students, teachers, administration & staff at the elementary school where I work. So many kids are living lives they see as normal, and they're lives are far from that. This plays a huge emotional toll on their teachers and others who work here. Please pray a hedge of protection over us all.
Anonymous - September 26
Please pray for Jerry McKinney who will have cateract surgeries 9/27 &10/4. Also, Pat will have consultation with vascular surgeon 10/20/16 for partially blocked carotid artery. Please pray for their healing & recovery.
Turkey - September 21
Our Christian brother in Turkey is set to be baptized on Sunday. He is under attack by his wife. She is telling him, "If you get baptized, don't come home." They have a little boy. Tell the Lord how you feel about this and what you desire for your brother in Turkey. He is listening.

Prayer is a personal priority for many of us and we could not go on without it. Here are a number of ways that we make prayer a priority:

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Prayer groups regularly pray for the church, community and world.

Dozens of folks knit prayer shawls that are given to persons in crisis.

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