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Emergency Requests
Tomoko - November 28
Tomoko has passed. Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue in prayer for the family.
Praise Reports!
Wayne - December 4
My grandson, Stuart Walker, was the crucifer at the 10:45 service. Your service was uplifting and spiritual. God bless Asbury as they present Christ!
Bill - October 30
Bill, Tabitha, Isaac, Her, Edith: health. Success in school for Isaac. Praise Report: Jossie the boxer dog is doing great. He is healed.
Brian - October 30
Thank you for all the prayer support.
Panama Clean Water Project - October 7
Praise that filter mold was released from Customs, though Joel Aycock, Delio & Edgar missed their flight from Panama City to David and had to rebook with additional expense. Pray for good weather and roads to allow the joint team with MGPanama (David Vega) to reach Guabal, Panama to start the project with local pastors.
Sandra - September 29
I thanked God for your wonderful cards acknowledging that you actually read my prayer request & prayed for me. Y'all brightened my life! :) I'm 54 years old & that's the 1st time that has happened. Y'all are amazing! Thank you. Now Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite Bible verse.
New Requests
Anonymous - December 5
Elsie is having a scan of her lungs. She has a lung infection and hoping the scan will help diagnose it.
- December 4
Please pray for a family member going through divorce and starting new job. Healing and Peace in all.
D - December 4
Please pray for JD that he find the Lord and his way in this world.
Taylor - November 24
This request comes from my friend Taylor, currently residing at the Etowah Co. Jail: Pray for this jail and the men here, that they may come to Jesus, that His will be done in this place, that He would move in here, that hearts be turned to faith, eyes be opened, ears be opened to the truth, that they receive it and be saved. That He would deliver me from my enemies if it seems good to him, that my heart be filled with love, that I may have a better understanding of the Gospel, of the Father, Son & Spirit, that he may give me wisdom to operate in this situation in a way that is fully pleasing to Him, that he be glorified through my life, that His will be done in and through my life. Also pray for my mother her health and her salvation. Thank you.
Anonymous - November 22
Please pray for the daughter of a pastor in Johnson City, TN. She is in the ICU with meningitis and encephalitis. She is only 18.
Anonymous - November 21
Requesting prayers as I have a phobia driving. Asking the Lord to cure me of this and also for my counselor to be the right person for me.
Emily - November 20
Emily is 6 y/o from Altoona, AL. She is having ongoing treatment behind her left eye. She is presently on chemo. Her aunt requested the prayer.
Cara - November 20
Mike & Debbie Ball ask for ongoing prayers for Cara Sexton, pregnant w/ 2nd child and will have cancer surgery at UAB after baby birth in January. Cara is a member, attends contemporary. Her daughter Clarke is in Asbury Weekday.
Bill - November 20
Herb & Edith Knallay, healing. Isaac, success in school. Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends.
Beth - November 20
Prayers for my daughter, Kristen. She is expecting a girl late Feb. Pray for health, safety, wisdom, guidance. Also prayers for my grandson, Anthony. Pray he grows healthy and happy and safe.
Shelia - November 17
A friend of my daughter Shelia is on the liver transplant list. She is not doing well.
Anonymous - November 15
I'm seeking prayer to get my life on track, get my drivers license, transportation, help with newborn baby items such as diapers, wipes, baby swing, car seat, stroller. Whatever can help.. I don't know how things are going to work out now that me and [my caregiver] had a disagreement, in which she decided to step down from helping me and my family. I know it was something done from the kindness of her heart, to help..I also know this isn't the end, God hasn't brought me this far to leave me. I am beginning to loose hope. I no longer have transportation to church at asbury, doctors appointments, much was planned like us having a thanksgiving dinner, me joining the celebrate recovery group at asbury (codependent-empath), me going to driving school, getting my drivers license, having a baby shower in January (Due date is Feb 10, most likely the last week of January), Me also getting G.E.D., Going back to school, Finding childcare, My kids having a better Christmas. Me not really having to depend on their narcissistic father...I just desperately want to have a better spiritual relationship with Christ, Overcome childhood abuse, recover after being in a relationship with a narcissist as well as being raised by a narcissist mother. Being the best I can be ( sharing my story) writing a book.. Learn to hear god more..Sharpen my gift of discernment as well other things I'm struggling with, overthinking, anxiety, fear of rejection and to keep my kids in a positive environment like asbury, get them baptized, make friends, help out at asbury, get out in the community more. Learn to set time aside for myself.I want to be better and do better..I don't want to go backwards.. I know I can do it..I just get discouraged at times..I don't have support..sense of direction Pray for me and my children

Prayer is a personal priority for many of us and we could not go on without it. Here are a number of ways that we make prayer a priority:

o        We host an on-site prayer room where people pray.

We provide an online prayer Web site where thousands of prayer requests have been submitted and prayed for by intercessors.

Prayer groups regularly pray for the church, community and world.

Dozens of folks knit prayer shawls that are given to persons in crisis.

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