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Emergency Requests
Jane - January 18
Jane is no longer in the hospital. She is home awaiting test results. Please continue to pray for a clean bill of health.
Anonymous - January 10
They had to take Joel by ambulance back to the neuro intensive care last night. He was still in the ER this morning. Scans showed no new mestastases or bleeds so they are trying to figure out meds for seizures. He was just now moved to neuro ICU room 593. Please extend your hearts and lift your voices for Joel and his family so that they feel the presence of God and know that they are not alone.
Wendy - January 9
Please pray for Wendy Burpee. She is having stomach surgery at Vanderbilt on Tuesday.
Melissa - January 8
Our daughter Alexa is 3 mo. old. She will be having her first of several open heart surgeries in a week. Please just keep her in your prayers.
Praise Reports!
Anonymous - January 8
Praise for my daughter's wedding plans are moving forward by the Grace of GOD and Ted Amey.
Anonymous - January 7
(check to see if this is an update to replace) Talsy Vega, Asbury mission partner in Panama, had a successful hysterectomy on January 3rd. Pray • for a good pathologist report and quick recovery.
Anonymous - January 7
Archive request Panama Clean Water Project - October 7. The project was completed.
Anonymous - January 7
Update to January 2 request: Benjamin Leon, son of one of mission partner Roman Cruz' ministry overseers, is out of a coma following a gun shot to the brain. Pray for healing, recovery, peace, and comfort.
Anonymous - December 18
Several months ago I asked prayer for my brother's cancer and depression - 2 days later he was sent home from the hospital & has been delivered from depression. He had stage 4 cancer but has been improving! Praise the Lord!
New Requests
Allyn - January 15
*good results on CAT scan and blood work *peace & trust as there is adjustment to a cancer diagnosis *healing
Beth - January 15
Prayers for my daughter, Kristen, grandson, Anthony, and unborn granddaughter. Also, prayers for my sons Blake & Trey. May they all feel God's guidance & direction.
Anonymous - January 12
Please pray for my step dad. He got the flu and he is sick now. Pray that he gets better soon and that he will be able to enjoy his 4 day weekend off from work. Pray that he isn't sick all weekend long.
Anonymous - January 11
I need health insurance. Please pray that God provides me a way to get some health insurance. Whatever bit me really took a lot of my skin away. Pray that my skin grows back and it isn't infected. Pray that my bug bites go away soon and I get healed. I think I need to go to the doctor to get some medicine because home remedies aren't working for me but I can't go to the doctor.
Mayilin - January 9
Mayilin's adoption - Life Line
Katie - January 9
Pray for her health to improve so she may have her kidney transplant. Her husband (Mike) is the donor.
Costa Rica Mission - January 9
Women's Kairos Costa Rica Mission Jan. 14-22nd Ginny Isbell - team leader Sue Bartlow Marlene Blivens Emily Howard Jesse Howard Ruth Smith Glennis Wittmuss Thank you for your prayer Support.
D - January 9
Please pray that JD finds his way in this world and he finds the LORD. Thank you.
Anonymous - January 9
Daughter's pregnancy. Son's (daughter-in-law's) pregnancy. Prayer for healthy life and major decisions to be made for all.
Anonymous - January 8
I am attending the Panama mission trip in June and I am beyond excited. But ask for your prayers as we prepare for the trip as well as when we arrive in Panama. I pray that the Lord would guide us and I pray that we would do his will.
Anonymous - January 8
Please pray for family member going through divorce. Please pray for possible job opportunity this week as God wills!! Thank you.
Anonymous - January 8
Prayers for Charlotte Heaps, Pastor Tommy Heaps wife - She has CA - having treatments in HSV. Travel mercies from Florence to HSV. Healing -
Elsie - January 8
Pray for healing of lung infection.
Kathryn - January 8
Please pray for Zoe. She is a sweet little baby girl who I currently care for. Her parents are on drugs. Her grandmother and her grandmothers boyfriend are her primary caregivers right now. Sometime ago she got a hold of her mother and fathers cocaine and ate some of it. She ended up in the hospital and had to have her stomach pumped. This happened before Christmas last year. She is doing OK right now. However with her parents not being allowed to see her right now she is struggling with separation issues. When she comes into my care at the preschool where I now work she is very needy and always wants me to hold her all day long. She tells me that she loves me and asks me where is my mommy. Please pray for her that her parents can get clean on off and of the drugs so she can start to have a normal family life. I am worried for and care about her her very much. I ask her grandmother, who comes to pick her up at the end of the day, how things are going with her parents? She tells me not so good. She has requested prayers for her granddaughter. Thank you for your prayers.
Anonymous - January 7
Pray for co-worker Marta dealing with honesty problems with son, and handling the prison ministry alone while Panama mission partner Talsy Vega recovers from her surgery.
On-Going Requests
Anonymous - December 15
A family of seven do not lose their home, as the continue to follow the financial path in which was set forth by the Lord. Allow the children to have Christmas this year (as this year has been an extreme stress to the parents, who have lost one of their vehicles. Please pray for a job assistance for the husband. Prayers for the mental stability for for the family as these issues have strained the family.

Prayer is a personal priority for many of us and we could not go on without it. Here are a number of ways that we make prayer a priority:

o        We host an on-site prayer room where people pray.

We provide an online prayer Web site where thousands of prayer requests have been submitted and prayed for by intercessors.

Prayer groups regularly pray for the church, community and world.

Dozens of folks knit prayer shawls that are given to persons in crisis.

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